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Fairy Cove


Fairy Cove, South Quay, The Harbour, Paignton, Devon

Adjacent to Paignton Harbour

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Directions and Parking Details
Travel along Paignton sea front with the sea on your left hand side. At the end of the sea front the main road turns to the right. On the corner is a left turn that takes you up a small hill to the harbour. At the far side of the harbour take the left turn and drive down towards the sandstone cliff at the far end (by the start of the pier). The short path down to the beach starts by the sandstone cliff. Drop off all of your equipment and buddies here and then park in the Multi-storey carpark that is just up the road from the harbour entrance. One of the pedestrian exists from the car park leads directly onto the harbour side.

You can not normally park by the harbour as it is normally a hive of activity - even during the winter.


Site Description
With the beaches in this part of Torbay being largely composed of fine sand visibility is not normally great in this area. Fairy Cove is a good dive site because after a few days of calm weather visibility can be great. Swim out from the sandy beach over the small kelpy reefs and drop down over the rock shelf  to the sandy bed (at about 8m). Swim along with the shelf on your right hand side and explore the numerous inlets and caverns. Look out for the remains of the 3 wrecks that came to grief  here. The only wreckage you are likely to find is metal plates from the German Torpedo boat destroyer - between 1 & 200 yards from the beach.
Wheelchair Access
Very difficult


Toilets At pubs and cafes on the harbourside,
Café  On the entrance road by the harbour
Fills available on site yes - available from Nautique - see below
Dive Center on Site Well equipped dive shop with helpful staff right there on the harbour side!

Nautique, Diving & Watersports,  South Quay, The Harbour, Paignton, Devon TQ4 6DT

Shop 01803-550278        Pete's Mobile 07971-827225   Sandra's Mobile 07790-148852

Nearest Full size Dive Center see above
Nearest Pub There are numerous bars around the harbour side
Nearest Restaurant There are numerous restaurants around the harbour side


Wreck / Archaeological feature Details:
This site is the final resting place for 3 major ships. Very little can be found nowadays from the two older wrecks (HMS Savage a 144 Ton Sloop-of war that was driven ashore in 1762, and HMS Venerable a Man-o-War  with a crew of  over 550 men which ran aground during a storm in 1804) however there are still occasional finds from them. 

The most recent wreck is a different story. The German E boat destroyer T189  was being towed to the scrappers in 1920 when she broke free in a gale and ended up on the rocks. Although totally broken up there are numerous steel plates remaining,


Marine Life Details
Conger eel, wrasse, and fan worms among the rocks. Flatfish and scallops are found on the sandy sea bed.


Other information
A good dive when the visibility is decent. Great facilities around the harbour. Plenty for the non divers to do.


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